SOCOAL is dedicated to supplying the best quality materials along with an outstanding customer service, aiming to fulfil at its highest, our client’s contentment.

For years, our business has performed a steady growth while embracing the concept of sustainability, constantly researching and implementing more innovative products and services, thus, our team is wholeheartedly committed to the wellbeing and enjoyment of our customers.

Wide variety of products at competitive prices

An extensive variety of products and services at affordable costs, can be found on our web site, presented in a well-organised and user-friendly online catalogue, including all product references and grouped in categories for our clients to use and enjoy.

Furthermore, we are constantly working towards the updating of our website in order to provide our customers with the best and latest information regarding our sector and company Socoal SL.

Trained, highly skilled and qualified personnel.

We rely on highly qualified and well-experienced personnel, under continuous training and development. Hence, we will provide you with the best attention, efficiently tackling any issues our customers may face in the course of their acquisition process. Our team will rapidly address any point in question to ensure our clients are well and properly attended at all times.


Our products and services are designed to fulfil our customer needs at its highest expectations, thus we guarantee excellent quality standards, along with a conscientious dedication and extensive expertise built up over the years.

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