In Socoal, we offer a wide variety of services, implementing flexibility and adaptability to each project and always oriented towards the fulfilment of our client’s needs. From the very first instance our customers get in touch with us, the company places all kinds of experts, materials and logistics at your entire disposal, aiming to reach first-class assistance.

Preferential treatment

Because each individual has unique, special and distinct needs, our support experts work closely with you to provide the best and most personalised customer care. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will analyse your case meticulously to excel our client’s experience.

Professional advice

Our vast experience in the carpentry sector and along with our highly-qualified team of experts allow us to provide our clients with excellent professional advice and guide them throughout the many potential questions that may arise.

We work on-site

We will travel as soon as required to a specific location to develop the project on-site, hence we will be able to better estimate the resources needed in order to avoid further costs or delays

Free quotation

In Socoal, we are aware that finances matter, thus, if you would like further information about your project, please contact us and we will provide you with a detailed and free estimate.

Material transport to site

We take care of the transport process for the products and materials needed for your project, to the site itself. Socoal, relies on a large fleet of vehicles for this purpose, so you can just sit back and relax.


We fully carry out the fitting and installation of the acquired PVC and aluminium systems in a fast and efficient manner. Our expertise and proficiency allow us to carry out jobs in an agile, efficacious and spotless way.

Assembly and glazing.

We carry out all of assembling and glazing of all out aluminium and PVC systems. Hence, our clients should only worry about choosing the product they like best and enjoy the “work done”.


We love to hear from you during and after finishing our projects, this way we keep up with any matter that may arise regarding our products or jobs delivered, aiming to offer you support at all times.


In Socoal, we like giving our customers the peace of mind they deserve, for this reason we offer a full year’s warranty on all our systems and jobs provided to you. Over this period, we will address and solve any issues, questions or concerns that may arise at no cost.

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